Fast: In a study with surgeons of varying experience level, it took less than 90 seconds to repair a tendon with the CoNextions TR System compared to 3 minutes and 55 seconds for conventional suture repairs.

Strong: In a biomechanical study, repairs with the CoNextions TR System were at least 50% stronger than conventional suture repairs.

Smooth: In a simulated glide study of repairs in Zone 2 flexor tendons, the CoNextions TR System repairs added 45% less resistance to tendon gliding than convention suture repairs.

Clinically Proven: In a multi-center, randomized, blinded trial of 82 adult patients with Zone 2 flexor tendon injuries the CoNextions TR group had 1 rupture in 42 (2.4%) repaired tendons compared to 6 ruptures in 57 (10.5%) repaired tendons in the Suture group. In addition, the CoNextions TR group had 1 surgical site infection in 32 (3.1%) patients compared to 5 surgical site infections in 47 (10.6%) in the Suture group.

Following the conclusion of the trial, the study investigators shared their thoughts on the device as well as some video of the device in use immediately following implantation..