CoNextions® TR Tendon
Repair System

Pioneering implant allows surgeons to consistently produce tendon repairs that outperform suture.


83% Stronger
than suture repair1


4 Times Faster
than suture repair2


48% Lower Profile
than suture repair1

Revolutionary approach
to tendon repair

The CoNextions TR Tendon Repair System provides a stronger, faster, and thinner alternative to traditional suture repair techniques. CoNextions TR can be used for tendon approximation for various clinical indications in the hand, wrist, forearm, foot, and ankle.

  • Implant is Designed for approximation of tendons 1 – 4 mm in thickness and at least 3 mm in width.
  • Thin stainless steel components provide 12 evenly loaded points of fixation across the repair site, thereby increasing the strength and durability of the repair.1
  • Loops made of ultra high tenacity polyethylene yarn span the repair site and provide a strong and flexible connection between the stainless steel components.

Instrument design allows for rapid placement of implant

Position device

Deploy implant

Final repair

When deployed, the CoNextions TR Implant is 18 mm in length and 2.8 mm wide.
The Implant height is automatically sized during deployment to fit the thickness of the native tendon (refer to IFU for size range).
The delivery instrumentation requires 20 mm (10 mm on either side of the repair site) of surgical site access
to properly deploy the implant.

1. CoNextions internal testing. Benchtop testing. May not be indicative of clinical performance.
2. Irwin CS, Parks BG and KR Means. Biomechanical analysis of novel flexor tendon coupler versus suture repair. Poster presented at AAHS,
January 10-13, 2018. Benchtop testing. May not be indicative of clinical performance.

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