For over 2,000 years Suture has been the primary solution for orthopaedic soft tissue repair. Despite numerous advancements, post-operative complications following tendon repairs are common. In soft tissue to bone repairs, the primary source of failure is the suture-soft tissue interface new solutions for soft tissue repair are needed.

CoNextions Medical develops implants focused on providing superior fixation to soft tissue. Our novel solutions are designed to simplify soft tissue repair procedures.

Coronet® Soft Tissue

The Coronet System’s novel design allows for SIMULTANEOUS, STRONG and SECURE
soft tissue-to-bone fixation.


During deployment, the implant simultaneously engages soft tissue and bone. The novel design eliminates the need for knot tying and streamlines the soft tissue-to-bone fixation procedure.


A stainless steel soft tissue washer significantly increases the resistance to soft tissue “tear-through” compared to conventional suture fixation methods.1


A continuous loop of #2
ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene suture connects the soft tissue washer and bone anchor providing a secure connection.

CoNextions TR®
Tendon Repair System

Pioneering implant allows surgeons to consistently produce tendon repairs that outperform suture.


2 Times Stronger
repairs than suture1


3.1 Times Faster
repairs than suture2


2.2 Times Smoother
tendon gliding than suture repair3