IPG Announces Partnership with CoNextions® Medical

U.S.A, June 22, 2023 — IPG the leading provider of Surgical Cost Management Solutions in the US, improving quality and affordability of surgical care by reducing device costs and optimizing high-quality site of care, announced its partnership with CoNextions Medical, the company revolutionizing tendon repair with novel devices such as the CoNextions TR® Tendon Repair System.

The CoNextions TR® Tendon Repair System consists of a single use, sterile implant with two identical stainless-steel anchors implanted in either end of the injured tendon which are connected by two loops of ultra-high tenacity polyethene yarn that spans the injury site. The CoNextions TR® Tendon Repair System provides a repair that is twice as strong as traditional suture repair, 2.2 times smoother tendon gliding post repair versus suture repairs and is more than three times faster to repair than suture repairs. The device is indicated for repairing lacerated tendons of appropriate size in the hand wrist, and forearm.

This partnership will enable the over 400 IPG Hospitals and Surgery Centers to use CoNextions implants while taking advantage of the IPG direct manufacturer PO process. The partnership furthers IPG’s commitment to align key stakeholders to ensure that procedures can be performed with the optimal device and at the best site of care.
“We appreciate the partnership with IPG to provide state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price which we strongly believe will improve patient outcomes. Thanks to the agreement with IPG, many more surgeons and their patients will have access to stronger, smoother, and faster tendon repairs.” — Dan Gruppo, President and CEO of CoNextions® Medical.

For more information, please contact your local IPG or CoNextions® representatives.